The history of the Faculty of Science is based on the establishment of the “Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in of a second Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University by Law No. 337 dated 26.09.1963. Founded in 1965, The School of Basic Sciences consists of the Department of Biology, Mathematics and Statistics.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was transformed into Hacettepe University by the Law “Establishment of Hacettepe University” (No. 892) published by Official Gazette No. 12642 dated July 8, 1967. By this law, Hacettepe University had an autonomous university qualification with legal personality, and it consisted of three faculties. One of this faculties was the Faculty of Science and Social Sciences.

After the foundation of the Faculty of Science and Social Sciences, which is affiliated to Hacettepe University and has a legal personality, education and studies in the field of Science continued under the roof of the Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1968. Later on, this faculty was divided into two faculties which are Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering. Thus, the Faculty of Science was established on 23th August 1971. Rearrangements were performed based on the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 so Biology, Mathematics, and Statistics departments were placed within the structure of Faculty of Science.

In 1992, Department of Chemistry transferred to the Faculty of Science, from the Faculty of Engineering. In 2002, the Department of Actuarial Sciences was founded.